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Mixed Pack — 48 cans   

YES! Receive 48 cans of deliciousness in this shipment — 16 cans each of our Frenchie cocktail, Vélo spritz, and Briar cocktail. THAT'S what I'm talking about. Now when can I come to your place?

FRENCHIE: Our handcrafted gin, distilled from grapes and infused with more than a dozen botanicals such as juniper, elderflower, coriander, citrus, and rhubarb. Blended with bubbly rosé wine and real lemon juice. Frenchie is floral and citrusy, not too sweet and not too tart. Enjoy straight from the can, in a coupe with a lemon twist, or on the rocks. I also sometimes love to add an ounce of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice to my Frenchie. C'est incroyable! —xo Emily Vikre

VELO: Our housemade rhubarb and bitter citrus aperitivo, combined with fine wine and soda water for our perfect take on the Italian spritz. Vélo instantly transports you to golden hour at a café along a cobblestoned piazza—it is the very definition of sprezzatura, an "I woke up like this" mixture of beauty and ease. I most often enjoy Vélo straight from the can (because why not?!), but you can also pour it into a wine goblet with a couple of ice cubes and garnish with an orange wedge (or an orange wedge plus a green olive if you want to be extra Venetian!). —xo Emily Vikre

BRIAR: Our own fortified wine, infused with gentle garden herbs and vanilla, blended with blackberry, rhubarb, and apple juices. No added sugar, but also no compromises on flavor. Briar is inspired by the berry bushes and trees that ramble through our backyard. Enjoy it from the can, or serve it over ice with a mint garnish. Sometimes I also like to add an ounce of dry vermouth to my glass of Briar! 

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—xo Emily Vikre

PS: A note on shipping — Alcohol deliveries must be signed for by an adult 21 or older. If you will not be home to sign for delivery, consider having your shipment sent to a work address.